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Charities Commission name change as of April 2014

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The Performing Arts Children's Charity is committed to supportingspecial needs children with disabilities.
Some of our projects take place during school or college hours.This Outreach project was at Guildford College.
Performing Together! - 'Different but not alone'
Our groups are inclusive and cover a broad range of disabilities inchildren - from severe physical impairment to minor confidence issues.
We have many supporters who raise funds for the charity throughmany events This was the British 10k London Run.
We welcome volunteers (16+) who act as great mentors.
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On Sunday 23rd July, Eastleigh made the historic journey up to London to appear at Her Majesty's Theatre, London - home of Phantom of the Opera during the rest of the week.

Performing Together!

Our Mission
Our mission is the inclusion and personal development of all children with disabilities
to gain confidence and achieve independence through the foundations of the performing arts; to add support to their families and strive to give these children the highest quality of life possible.

Our vision is a world in which all children
are different but not limited through their personal abilities.

If you have any questions
please contact Vincent Matthews on
01932 256 209 or enquire online

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Welcome to our Wonderful New Website!

The Diamond Group Ltd web development team have done a wonderful job in getting this website ready and fully launched. Many thanks to Don, Gurjit and Mason for all their help.

Also a thank you to Kerry and Zeena at Stagecoach for helping us sort out meta tags, layout and all the other technical issues of the website.

Teamwork has been key in achieving this outcome. As with all of our classes across the country, teamwork is fundamental to giving the children we work with a valuable time with us.

So teamwork is a key value. So are the values of Confidence-Building, Self-Expression, Laughter, Fun, Fun and Fun (so good we named it 3 times!).

There are many ways in which The Performing Arts Children's Charity crosses the path of people in the UK: children, adults, supporters, volunteers, partners, suppliers, donors – all these groups and sub groups work together with us to create a multi-faceted team ethic and help us create a place where children with different and diverse needs can flourish.

If you want to get involved contact us now and be part of the inspirational story at The Performing Arts Children's Charity.

Quality Training in a Safe Environment

Through the use of our unique programme The Performing Arts Children's Charity gives disabled children and young people the opportunity to achieve greater independence and live more fulfilled lives. Using the performing arts (drama, music and movement), the spontaneity and sense of fun generated within the group encourages the children to participate in creative self-expression.

We operate at eight locations in the United Kingdom and over the school year we run ten classes a term for three terms. The classes are held weekly during term time and every class begins with the children forming a circle; here they are encouraged to share something about the past week and feel the strength and support of the group - a group in which their own personal contribution is valued and in turn the dynamic of the group is honoured. Our skilful teachers and teacher's assistants allow each child to find their own space, work at their own pace, and blossom within the safe environment that they create.

We use drama, music and movement exercises to build skills that have many positive benefits for the children. Additionally, the teachers have the children work on group pieces that are the basis for a performance at the end of term, so that the children's parents and families can see the results of all the hard work.

There is much research that concludes that performing together in a group can act as a bridge for children with disabilities to achieve levels of self confidence and self esteem that would be impossible in isolation. There are benefits across the spectrum of disabilities and the feedback that we receive from the children's' families confirms this fact.

The Performing Arts Children's Charity's responsibility to the children's wellbeing and safety is of highest priority. At all times we are aware of the ethical and legal framework that protects the vulnerable young people in our care, and all our classes fully comply with government regulations and guidelines for up-to-date Child Protection.