The Stagecoach Charitable Trust's History

Established in the year 2000 The Stagecoach Charitable Trust helps children with disabilities live more fulfilling lives. From our small beginnings in Walton-on-Thames we now have classes running in nine locations across the United Kingdom.

Our Milestones

September 2000
Launched in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey.

September 2002
Launched in Hampton, Richmond Upon Thames.

April 2003
Launched in Isleworth, London.

July 2005
First Tri classes Show.

November 2005
Outreach Fundraiser.

April 2006
Holiday Workshops launched nationwide.

June 2008
West End at Her Majesty’s Theatre, our children perform for the first time.

August 2008
Summer workshop in Walton on Thames.

July 2009
20 holiday workshops launched throughout the UK.

July 2010
40 holiday workshops launched throughout the UK.

September 2010
Colchester in Essex opened.

September 2011
Eastleigh in Hampshire, opened.

May 2012
Oxford opened.

January 2013
What's On Stage Charity of the Year 2013.
About Us

About us
The Stagecoach Charitable Trust provides performing arts classes for children and young people with disabilities.
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The charity was established in the year 2000 and helps children with disabilities to live more fulfilling lives.
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What Our Parents Say
There are benefits across the spectrum of disabilities; the feedback we receive from the children's families confirms this.
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Find more detailed information about our finances, year ending August 2012...
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Child Protection
Stagecoach Charitable Trust is dedicated to developing the potential of children in an environment of safety and security.
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