What We Do

What We Do
The Stagecoach Charitable Trust is a UK Registered Charity (No. 1081561) established in the year 2000. We are committed to supporting children with disabilities so that they can live more fulfilled lives.

The Stagecoach Charitable Trust uses performing arts to deliver self confidence and a sense of well being, our experienced staff facilitate structured classes with plenty of space for spontaneity and expression within the group; it's a natural way considering that all children have a non-stop desire to be creative.

However, due to the restrictions placed upon children with disabilities, their lives tend to be filled with what they cannot do, rather than what they can do. Performing together, rather than being confined to a solitary environment, allows them to experience life in a positive way, establish strong bonds, and benefit from the support of the group, and afterwards take these positives away with them so that they can be stronger and more independent in other areas of their lives.

Our vision is a world in which all children are different but not limited because of personal abilities

The Need

According to Government figures in 2013 there are 800,000 disabled children in the United Kingdom (6% of all children). This total has increased over the last decade by 16%. There is a real lack of opportunities for these children to have their 'special needs' addressed and responded to positively.

Our Stakeholders

Our students - Over 160 students attend our schools. Kostas (aged 10) said - "I like coming here and have made lots of friends. I like the dancing and the singing too, I am the loudest."

Our parents - Kostas has been coming to the classes for four years and according to his mother, Donna - "He has benefitted enormously from it. Having the freedom to express himself in dance, drama and singing is great."

Our volunteers - Our volunteers can come from many walks of life. For example at one class the three volunteers are all sixteen years old and all currently attend the local school, quite happily coming straight from the rugby pitch to participate with and offer encouragement to the class, every Friday afternoon after school without fail.

Our teachers - We have over sixty teachers and teaching assistants - Sam has been working with us for thirteen years and has witnessed miracles. "Anthony came to us five years ago and after participating as a student he is now moving into the role of a volunteer. To see him mentoring the younger students is fantastic."

The Classes
  • Student classes are two and a half hours sessions.
  • Teachers are professionals and are contracted for three hours per class.
  • Staff involved are DBS (Disclosure and barring service) checked and all our operations are fully compliant with up to date child protection rules and regulations.
  • The size of each class is based on the 'care needs' of the children. A lower 'care needs class' equals a larger class size - an appropriate ratio between children and staff is maintained at all times.
  • Two teachers are supported by three teaching assistants providing a secure environment.
  • The majority of the children in our classes fall into one of the following categories - Autism, Down's Syndrome, Profound Learning Difficulties, Learning Difficulties and Hearing Impaired.

The Network
We currently operate our classes in afterschool centres and we cover eight areas of the country: Bristol, Colchester, Eastleigh, Hampton, Isleworth, Llanelli, Oxford and Plymouth. We also have new classes scheduled to open in Leeds for the academic year starting in September 2014.

We operate in these centres by holding classes and we facilitate up to 25 children per class based upon the needs of the group; depending on the levels of disabilities these vary between 15 to 25 children.
What We Do

What We Do
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